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  • How you're doing? I'm working on the Skinnies for the Film Universe. I have written an exciting story telling the war between the Bugs and the Skinnies.

    I'm very very sorry about the translation (Google Traductor is a shit). I will be very pleased if you correct the errors.

    The Fall of the Skinnies


    Two hundred years before the Arachnid pod fail to incubate on Mars human colony, delaying what could have been the end of human civilization, a technologically advanced humanoid race fought fiercely against the Arachnid, trying to defend their species from extinction.


    When the Skinnies reached Klendathu, they established the first contact with a violent, aggressive savage race of giant insectoid beings. This brutal species had exterminated other species on the planet, so it had no rival. The Skinny satellites had already attracted strange and disordered psychic signals for all the surrounding areas, whose most powerful signal came from this world, which attracted humanoids. Somehow, they had never seen a bug in all their travels.

    The expedition took several specimens for study in its science vessel. They discovered horrified that all insects were connected through a psychic link with supreme entity to which they have classified the same power as the forgotten gods of ancient myths; also they found that other entities lower rulers of the bugs could see, hear and think through their countless swarms, which made them omniscient observers: they were being watched by these entities all the time. Another frightening discovery was that several nearby star systems were plagued by Arachnids, causing fear by the speed with which the Bug could expand through space thanks to its spore.


    The end of the expedition and all the Skinny Empire marked with the attack of a horde of flying insects from Klendathu's moons to scientific ship, but the aim of destroying it. Although the expedition sent a transmission to the leaders about the new species and the sudden attack, little use for what was to come ...

    In the expedition ship was incubated a brain bug brains sucked and absorbed the minds of the crew, dead or alive. In this way, the brain bug revealed all stellar positions humanoids throughout the universe, in addition to acquiring scientific and technological knowledge necessary to use mechanical and cybernetic devices, which were used to pilot the humanoid spaceship and travel quickly through the spacetime, deciding to expand the brood on distant worlds, especially on those belonging to the Skinny factor.


    Long before the first contact, plasma bugs around the Arachnid empire had begun a massive orgy launch tegument (space bags with eggs) to the colonies and worlds inhabited by Skinny, orgy that had never been detained so long.

    When starting the war, these traveling spores were already descending on countless Skinny worlds in what is known as The Infinite Storm, which became The Eternal Night, because the sky of these celestial objects darkened when millions of spores dropped.

    On landing, the insects began to rapidly build its colonies in the beachheads of the invaded worlds, preparing huge armies to attack and destroy the colonies. Taken by surprise and paralyzed with shock, the Skinny armies were destroyed. World after world was falling to the swarms, with entire villages wiped out. Of the survivors took refuge in underground tunnels and deep within those worlds, where they organized resistance.


    The Holocaust Skinny race that was submitted is indescribable, except for the brutality with which the population was decimated by the Arachnid invasion hits. To counteract the killing and stop the extinction of their species, the scientists woke her Skinny oldest and colossal weapons of mass destruction, which had been civil wars, like giant bio-mechanical meccas individually operated by a major and planetary bombers armed with everything needed to systematically erase the life of a world (or destroy this). The giants were leading land battles against insects, while planetary bombers burned or exploded Arachnids worlds. His interplanetary cities were saved thanks to technology and the spirit of the warriors.


    The Skinny armies were about to stop the galactic conquest until his small home world, Arntald, was invaded by the bulk of the swarm. The proud old main fleet was overwhelmed by swarms and they penetrated to reach the planet's surface, heavily defended. When a huge crater opened invaders, insects implanted a god, a living monstrosity, which serves as the ruler of an Arachnid star system. The larva of God was consuming and polluting Arntald, growing slowly, wreaking havoc on the environment, while the Skinny desperately trying to evacuate its inhabitants and destroy the parasite. Meanwhile, Skinny fleets were diverted Arntald, abandoning its main objectives, causing insects to recover from the huge losses and reactivate their plasma cannons, who continued firing spores.


    Finally, the numbers better weapons defeated the army of Skinny, like the giants, the long-range guns and bombers. Several fleets of bombers were attacked by insects, act that allowed them to keep their worlds. Although millions of casualties were trying to cover the incubation of God in Arntald, Arachnids were successful. When the veins, arteries and other organs of God covered all the planet's crust, he is finally born. God caused all kinds of natural disasters around the world, but was the total poisoning of the atmosphere that killed the Skinnies.

    Arntald was the last planet to fall. Although many Skinnies had fled to distant and inhospitable in what was left of its fleet depleted places, their race had been on the verge of extinction. Unexpectedly, the evil brains established telepathic communications and forced the Skinny leaders to stop hostilities, lay down their arms and surrender unconditionally in exchange for the preservation of their species. The large hierarchy obeyed helplessly Arachnid brain bugs, trying to save what remained of his people. The surrender ceremony was held at the Monument to the Species, a huge structure that symbolized the unity and harmony of all Skinny peoples, built after the great civil wars on the exact spot where the Skinnies had decided to end them. The Arachnids incubated Skinny minds a type of parasitic insect in survivors, he was getting into his mouth and controlled by the brain, turning the survivors into slavery. That was how the Skinny leaders had voluntarily surrendered their home to insects, agreeing to be subjected, dominated and controlled by parasitic Arachnids.

    The conquest of Arachnids on their humanoid enemies was over ... partially.


    To incorporate the ancient knowledge of the Skinny and evolve their race, Arachnid brain bugs sucked the brains of its scientists, only to discover the existence of other organized advanced species, on the opposite edge of the galaxy, much like the Skinnies, but rather biologically fragile and less advanced in terms of technology. While the Earth was too far away, the thinking Skinny caste sought to use ships to travel to the solar system. With a simple command of self-destruction, the Skinny robots, before his surrender, destroyed what little remained of their ships, shipyards, factories, observatories, and other scientific facilities to prevent them from being used by their conquerors in future campaigns; erased data from its artificial intelligence, the disconnected and hid for fear that the brains were to manipulate. Thus, the slaves had given him a check to the conqueror. But brain bugs not give up and, with the Skinny stolen scientific knowledge, began to translate the alien technology in a new type of insect able to travel through space-time. The millions of Skinny corpses served as food for the hungry hordes, and broken artifacts, weapons and any technological rest of this ancient race would be studied by the cold minds of the brains.


    The scientific caste, shortly after all the minds of all its members were absorbed, inserted a bio-psycho-cyber virus throughout the entire network of psychic Arachnid species, causing the gods entered a dream state, reducing to a minimum space between the swarms telepathic, and that the brains in Arntald die in your fitness communications. The god of Arntald suffered serious physical and psychological wounds, cutting many of their tendrils that roamed the earth like veins. The innumerable minions of the whole swarm rushed in disbanded, restless, confused.

    The Long Dream would be the key to saving the distant, busy and ignorant human race, which stopped the Arachnids strategically expanding, though not last long. After a century of sleep, in which the entire species was restless and confused, awakening came, and the Arachnid superminds resumed operations space conquest and colonization. The swarms returned to have a purpose and no longer ran wildly disparate herds.


    While their race had been almost completely destroyed or enslaved, were distant but weak Skinny colonies scattered across the Milky Way. Skinny arms that were designed were taken and hidden in those worlds. Since then, the exiles began to rebuild their civilization. Confident that humans would arrive one day at the sector and defeat the insects, which would free their brothers and sisters from the enslaving mind control parasites. Other Skinnies would oppose this idea and argue for insect destruction at the hands of the same Skinny, true to the idea that his race could fight without help from another species. The war between Skinnies and Arachnids not ended after the surrender, as several pockets of resistance would rise to fight and survive in the old Galactic Empire, though they were now isolated.


    Two centuries later, as the perfect Skinny calculations of scientists had predicted, began the so-called First Interstellar War (Second War for Skinny), now among the human race of Earth and Arachnids of Klendathu. Still weak and exhausted by the war, the Skinnies continue hiding in the dark cold space until they have gathered enough forces to enter again on the board ... and regain their honor.

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    • Oh my God, I'm so sorry that I missed your thread on my wall! I am doing well recently. Hope you are doing good, too!

      I am amazed to see your work and this is incredible. It's really a shame the Skinnies does not show up in films. But your work provide a great imagination and inspiration!

      As for the grammar, I think it is fine translated. ;)

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    • I always dream with a Starship Troopers Reinaissance.

      Thank you so much for the appreciation! :) It really makes me glad.

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    • Cheers! It's always good to read good stuff. ;D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, TX55.

    It's been a long time, right?

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  • Are you still online in the Transformers Wiki? I know I haven't been on there for a while but I just went back and it's falling apart, no one is fullfillin the role of admin! It's chaos. 

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    • Hello

      I've already resigned from bureaucrat months ago as I am not able to be online everyday since I'm working on my final exam and dissertation. I've asked the wikia staff to look after the wiki before I resigned. Apparently they don't. :-(

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    • Ok then. Ah ok understandable, I left the wiki for a while for the same reason. But no they really havnt looked after it, multiple pages need deleting, and there are numerous in-experienced users that keep vandalising pages. I'm trying to add new content for AoE but im also tryin to maintain the rest of the wikias pages. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are they the same? I think both are sapper. In the 2005 videogame, they are mechanics. But I didn't see them as a corps in the movies. Any ideas?

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    • In reality they are different as Engineers work on construction like defense while Mechanics deal with something Mechanical. However, I am not sure how is the case with in the Starship Troopers universe.

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  • As a fellow fan of the Starship Troopers franchise; I wish to offer you a chance to bring out your inner Starship Troopers imagination. I have created a fanon wiki to co-exist with this very wiki and I wish for the wiki I created to expand as much as this wiki has. If you are interested, please respond back to me. If you are indeed uninterested or unable to join; I understand completely; however if you do decide to change your mind; the offer still stands.As a

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  • I still have not heard from you for weeks now.

    How can you forget that? Doesn't matter now, right?

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  • I want to make an article about that, but I don't have an adecuated name:

    • Drop in Hellas Planitia.
    • Failed attack on Mars.
    • First Contact in Mars.

    Anyway. Think about it.

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  • Hey man see this:



    Can you see the differences? The dropping ship (first) is green and had no orange marks like the second one, wich is grey and has the marks.

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  • Hey man! Can you do this one?


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  • Is the images' quality the best? Have u the Blu-Ray movie?

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