The Mechanic Trooper, more commonly known as a Mech Trooper, is a Mobile Infantry soldier trained to fix and maintain mechanic devices, such as Electric Perimeter Fencess and Missile Defence Turrets. They carry a standard issue Morita Assault Rifle and mechanic tools.

Starship Troopers (video game)Edit

At least one Mech Trooper was present at Hesperus when the Arachnids attacked a fuel drilling center that the Fleet used for fueling it's ships. A Marauder had to protect him throughout the mission as he fixed Electrical Fences. Other Mech Troopers are also present throughout the campaign.

Mechanic Troopers are known to have been issued to standard regiments of Mobile Infantry. Starship Troopers


  • All Mech Troopers shared the same face texture in the 2005 game, just like the medics in the same game.


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