Inicial quote Fleet Lieutenant Mary Klinghof! And getting smart won't help you one bit, jarhead! Final quote

—When unknowingly talking to M.I. General Jack Shepherd over the radio., Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Mary Klinghof






FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Military service


Fleet Pin Fleet


Fleet Rescue


Radio Operator



Mary Klinghof is a lieutenant who works as a radio operator for Fleet Rescue. She was the first to respond to Hotel Delta 1-8-5's distress call after Bravo Six successfully repaired the outpost's damaged radio system. First she spoke with Billy Otter who was sending the call under supervision of General Jack Shepherd. When she cut off Billy's formal request for an immediate pickup, General Shepherd demanded her name. Lt. Klinghof unknowingly gave her name in a hostile tone of voice, warning not to get smart with her as it would not help the troopers' situation. Then Shepherd revealed his identity and threatened to exact military reprimand on every Fleet officer responsible for the delay in rescue, beginning with Klinghof. She quickly apologized for not knowing who she was talking to. After being told she was a "moron", she politely and apologetically explained the delay was a result in high numbers of wounded troopers. Afterwards, the General instructed her to focus on rescuing all the wounded first and any further delays afterwards would be her fault.


  • Only featured as a voice during her brief interaction with Bravo Six while receiving their distress radio call.

Appearances Edit

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