Marauder Project
Type Mech assault units
Race(s) Human
Commander-in-chief General Dix Hauser
General Johnny Rico
De facto leader Military Intelligence
Affiliation FederationFlag United Citizen Federation:
Special units
Status Active

The Marauder Project was the introduction of Marauders into active service to replace/support Mobile infantry foot soldiers in the battlefield.

Starship Troopers: MarauderEdit

The United Citizen Federation began to develop a bipedal vehicle known as the "Marauder". After Colonel Rico was sentenced to death due to the defeat at the Roku San, General Hauser secretly recruits him to join the project.

The project had developed seven M11 Babar Marauders and General Hauser decided to deploy them to rescue Captain Beck, Sky Marshall Anoke, and the rest of the survivors from the Geronimo on OM-1.

General Hauser told Colonel Rico that Rico would lead six troopers, while Rico asked to pick the members himself. Thus, the first Marauder Team was assembled, with all of the members having served with Colonel Rico at a previous point in the past.

Starship Troopers: InvasionEdit

The Marauder Project was still on going and now lead by General Rico.[1] The project had developed the second generation of Marauder bipedal vehicle known as the Marauder MK-II.[2]

Appearances Edit


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  2. Mobile Infantry T's Diary#10: Marauder MK-II

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