M7 Incendiary Grenade
Type Incendiary Grenade
Service History
Introduced Unknown

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Wars First Bug War / Second Bug War
Production History


Produced Unknown

The M7 Incendiary Grenade is a flammable grenade used by the United Citizen Federation during the Bug Wars.

The grenade has a basic "pull pin - release spoon" technique as all other grenades have. After the pin is pulled and the spoon is released, a timer begins that is two seconds in length. After the timer stops, it detonates, sending fire across a 10 foot radius.

This grenade, however, was not a very effective grenade, because the Arachnids' exo-skeleton protected against the flames. It does seem to be effective against humans that have been infected by Control Bugs, as seen when Captain Dax used M7 to practically burn Charlie Soda to a crisp during the Battle of Zulu Alpha. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. Still, the grenade seems to be most effective in enclosed areas.

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