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The M56-C Missile Launcher is a weapon used by the United Citizens Federation.

It is noted as being a highly destructive long range weapon that whilst they are perfectly capable of killing swarms of smaller Arachnids. It usage is sanctioned only against the larger breeds. The launcher suffers from a slow rate of fire as it has to be steadied when used and reloaded by hand. A secondary fire mode allows the use of an enhanced targeting sights that allows the user to guide the missiles to their target. The M56-C was developed to bring the destructive effect of M55 Rocket Launchers whilst avoiding the threat of contamination issues.

Notes Edit

  • As with all other weapons, due to the game's lack of friendly fire, friendly troopers cannot be harmed by the M56-C.
  • The M56-C cannot harm the Royal Warriors and the X-Bug, but it can kill any other bosses/large groups of enemies in one shot.

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