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The M54-S Nuke Launcher is a weapon used by the United Citizens Federation, including the Mobile Infantry.

It is an earlier version of the M55 Rocket Launcher but unlike that type or the later M56-C Missile Launcher, the M54-S is a static based weapon fixed in place and also far more complex. Typically, a Mech-Trooper is often assigned to these weapons in order to keep them operational. This type of nuke launcher made use of powerful N2 type warheads that are capable of vaporizing even the largest type of Bug. It has a danger radius of roughly 1000 meters. The M54-S is heavy, expensive and a cumbersome weapon which is only found in the most important of Federation installations. Their use, however, is strictly controlled and are normally sanctioned by commanders orbit rather than officers on the ground.

During the deployment of the X-Bug on Hesperus which was a trap set in order to draw a large number of Bugs to kill, the M54-S at the M.I. bunker in the region was sanctioned for use by Marauder 06 to kill a large invasion force of Arachnids. However, the launching of the nuke led to an unexpected EMP surge, which shorted out the electrical equipment to the base which necessitated a shutdown and restart sequence.

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