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Cougar Exosuits are powerful powered armor used by the United Citizens Federation.

Consisting of specialised platoons in the Mobile Infantry, these troopers take part in training that nearly matches that of the elite Pathfinders. Wearing the latest in technology developed from Earth's R&D divisions, these soldiers wear powerful suits of armour onto the battlefield.

Lighter than the Grizzly Exosuits, the Cougar is a popular choice among the officer class as it combines both considerable firepower as well as a high rate of movement and protection.

In terms of armaments, these exosuits are equipped with both Sixgun Rotary Cannon and a Firestorm Missile Pack.


SICON Mobile Infantry Equipments
Powered Suit M1A4 - M1A5 - M1A6 - M1C8 - M1F2 - M1S7 - M4A1 - M4A2
Marauder M8 - M8C - M9 - M9B - Duck
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