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Grizzly Exosuits are powerful powered armor used by the United Citizens Federation.

Platoons that are assigned these exo armors are some of the more specialized forces within the Mobile Infantry. The training regime that these soldiers undertake rivals that of the Pathfinders and have the very latest in technologies from Earthside R&D. These heavily armored and armed soldiers possess a great deal of potential on the battlefield. Deployed as small elite forces, the Grizzly Exosuits are one of the best forces that can be deployed into the warzone.

In terms of weaponry, these suits carry an Atlas rig that helps brace the wearer and allows them to both hold as well as fire two huge weapons at the sametime. This devastating firepower is the source of why the Grizzly is both feared and renowed. Despite its incredibly arsenal of weaponry and heavy armor, the Grizzly retains the use of powerful jump jets that are more commonly found

The Grizzly's atlas rig

on other suits and does not suffer from a lack of speed due to its large bulk.


  • In terms of concept, these Grizzly Exosuits resemble the designs of the Mobile Infantry in Heinlein's original novel.


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