Inicial quote Keep it, Archie. I like my Bug fried in the morning. Final quote

—Link Manion watching Warrior Bugs being electrocuted., Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Link Manion

Link during the attack on Roku San














MI flag small Mobile Infantry:



Lieutenant Link Manion is part of Johnny Rico's unit on Roku San and to OM-1.

History Edit

Manion was present on Roku San when Sky Marshal Omar Anoke arrived. Apparently, Manion was a fan of Sky Marshal Anoke, but Colonel Rico warned her not to ask for an autograph, otherwise he'd kill her — obviously not said as anything particularly serious.

Somehow, the Bugs got through the electric field surround the base. Manion stood with Rico and his men and was one of the survivors. They were in the command center when a Bombardier Bug crashed in and a trooper sacrificed himself to contain its explosion. Then shots from a Scorpion Bug caused the roof to cave in on the others, though they survived.

The loss of Roku San was blamed on Rico, but he was saved at the last minute from hanging from Dix Hauser. He gave Rico command of the Marauder Team, which consists of seven mechs known as M11 Babar. Rico handpicked his team from Roku San for the mission to rescue Omar Anoke, who were Manion, J. Kirby, "Slug" Skinner, A. Sunday, A. Danner and M. Hightower. Because the hardware would be directly linked to their nervous systems, the technicians had them strip naked for a scan.

Later, Manion joined the raid on OM-1 and killed many Bugs along with her teammates before Lola Beck and Holly Little was rescued. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

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