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Lei Sahara was a trooper in the Mobile Infantry during the First Bug War. Private Sahara as a child was revealed to be a Psychic. However, she lost her abilities as she went through puberty, only to regain them during her pregnancy.


Hotel Delta 1-8-5 Edit

Having enlisted in the Federal Service, Lei Sahara was deployed deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone on a Federation offensive against the Arachnid species. During this campaign, she had a romantic relationship with a male trooper, Billy, who impregnated her. However, Billy was later killed. With her pregnancy, Lei found that she began having psychic visions.

During a failed invasion her unit was trapped with a Federal General Jack Shepherd by Arachnid Warrior Bugs. The unit Bravo Six was able to escape and flee to a abandoned Fortress Outpost called Hotel Delta 1-8-5. Waiting at the outpost for rescue from Fleet, she discovers that most of the survivors including the General have been infected by Control Bugs and is forced to fight them off alongside Captain Dax. They were able to defeat the infected troopers but the outpost became overran with Warrior bugs just as a landing boat came to rescue them. Dax carries Sahara onboard the boat but knowing he would only be executed if he escaped, he stayed and fought off the Warrior Bugs. Sahara could do nothing but watch Dax with a EP-88 Railgun Rifle repelling the Warrior Bugs on the roof of the Fortress Outpost whilst the Landing Boat she is on flew off.

Several months later, Sahara had a baby and was seen watching a federal recruitment video that honored Dax when the recruitment officer describes her child as "fresh meat for the grinder". This shocked and panicked her, causing her to run off with her child as quickly as her legs can carry. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


  • During Captain Dax's morning watch, Sahara shares some of her service experiences. In this, it is revealed that she was once a corporal and describes herself as having been an idiot for falling in love with a fellow trooper who tragically was killed sometime during her service tour. Because of her fraternization, she was demoted.
  • It is apparent during the film that Sahara and Lieutenant. Dill have had a history, regarding Sahara's psychic abilities. She likely had underdeveloped abilities that were faulty, causing Dill to dismiss her being a true psychic. He did, however, acknowledge her gift after listening to her detailed report of her vision which was strikingly-similar to the one Dill had concerning the Control Bug's plans to destroy the entire human species.



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