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The L-6 Satellite Base, or simply L-6 Base, is one of the orbital bases located within the Sol System. Its purpose is to monitor the Solar System as well as defending Earth from any hostile attacks. The station is placed under the command of General Johnny Rico and stores the Marauder Team of the Roughnecks with Marauder MK-II Vehicle suits.


At a certain point, the L-6 base detected the John A. Warden exiting a wormhole into the Sol System and heading directly towards Earth. Attempts to contact the ship failed and the ship was considered hostile after heading towards a collision course with the station, L-6's defenses were brought online and several ships deployed to counter the John A. Warden with was under Arachnids' Control, and fire was exchanged between the combatants with several Fleet ships being destroyed or damaged. The John A. Warden changed direction away from the station at the last moment and aimed directly for Earth hitting and damaging the station in the process. General Rico then assembled the Marauder Team to rescue the survivors aboard the John A. Warden and eliminate part of the Arachnid invasion force. Before leaving for John A. Warden, Rico ordered Earth Defense High Command to nuke the site in 30 minutes whether he was out or not.

After the crash on the surface by the John A. Warden and Arachnids on the planet, nuclear missiles were launched from the Station directly at the ship in order to prevent the Arachnid outbreak throughout the planet. However, the nuclear missiles were all destroyed by the John A. Warden. Starship Troopers: Invasion





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