• The Thorny Tanker
  • The Thorny Tanker (rear)

King Tankers are a heavily modified variant of the Tanker Bug. Unlike their original breed, a King Tanker has plating twice as thick as their predecessor.


King Tankers were first discovered by SICON Intelligence on Pluto. When tankers were first sighted on Pluto, many troopers questioned their enlisting to the Mobile Infantry. Soon tactics and time derived to tackle these creatures. When reports by SICON Intelligence indicated a larger more dangerous breed of Tanker, the term "King Tanker" was soon coined as the monster of all Bugs.

King Tankers smashed anything in their path and could survive the worst attacks by every trooper in the area. Unfortunately, the King Tanker became a fire magnet, luring every heavy weapon trooper in the area. The King Tanker survived each attack even short of a TAC-orbital nuke. The way of ever defeating a King Tanker was never revealed.


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