Rippler Bug.

Kamikaze Rippler is a flying Bug similar to the Hopper Bug except it can also shoot spikes from their mouths and can swim (or fly) underwater. The Bug's spikes exude a corrosive venom which burns flesh and destroys equipment. And as their name suggests, it sometimes uses Kamikaze attacks. They can even hide underwater to jump passing MI squads or to defend the nest. It is sometimes used in air to air combat. One tactic they tend to use is swarm in a certain area and fire spikes to suppress enemies.

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Know Your Enemy: Rippler specifications

The Rippler Bug, also known as the Kamikaze Rippler, is the first known exploding insects used by the Arachnids. The Rippler Bug glows a yellow at night and attacks with extreme terror. Rippler Bugs are aerial bombers that strike from the skies of planets. A Rippler will descend on an advancing squad of Mobile Infantry troops, hit the squad and detonate, frying the troopers to a crisp.

During the First Bug War, Rippler Bugs saw action at the Battle of Hesperus. Ripplers attacked small units of the Federation forces, killing agreat number of them. One such did this during the mission to retake Two Bridges where one detonated and killed Mech Trooper Jenson's accompanying squad. Jenson then ordered Marauder 6 "Spooky" to find another door to enter the Northern Bridge while he returned to base.

At the end of the battle, all Ripplers were killed off as the Brain Bug was the only surviving Arachnid and was captured by Federal forces, ending the battle for Hesperus in total Federation victory.