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K-12 is a Federation unit that was stationed at the Fort Casey, and lead by Major Henry Varro.


After Carl Jenkins, the minister of the Ministry of Paranormal Warfare, found a Queen Bug at the Fort Casey, he ordered the K-12 team to capture the Bug. Knowing it would suffer a great loss, K-12 commander Major Varro refused to carry out the mission. He was ordered to be arrested for disobedience by Carl Jenkins.

Though the Queen was captured, most of the K-12 troopers were killed during the process. The survivors of the team, including acting commander Lieutenant Otis Hacks, Ratzass, Holy Man, Gunfodder and Kharon, were later rescued by the A-01 team stationed aboard the FAS Alesia. Upon learning that Major Varro was relief from his duty, the A-01 commander Lieutenant Daugherty ask what happen. Ratzass complained but was stopped by Bugsray. The K-12 was successfully evacuated to the ship before the Arachnid force was destroyed in the Fort Casey by the explosive charges set by Mech, the A-01 sergeant.

After boarding the Alesia, the A-01 trooper Chase asked Ratzass what happened in the Fort Casey. Ratzass complained Carl Jenkins gave them a suicide mission straight to a Bug hive. It seems the mater was forbidden to be discussed as later he mentioned the mission before the next mission, he was again stopped by Bugspray.

A while later, the team received a new order from General Rico from the L-6 Satellite Base. As the John A. Warden was missing after it headed for a classified mission lead by Carl Jenkins, the team was ordered to search the ship with the A-01. Ignoring Buspray's warning, Ratzass stood up and claimed to speak for the everyone from the Fort Casey when General Rico asked if there was any question upon receiving the order was any question. He requested that they only went with one condition: Major Varro lead the team. The request was granted as Gereral Rico stated as long as Hero was willing to do so. However, this action would not do any influence on Major Varro's trial.

Lieutenant Daugherty and Captain Ibanez talked to Major Varro, who later decided to lead the mission. The joint force was separated into two groups. A-01 commander Lieutenant Daugherty lead four A-01 troopers to escort Captain Ibanez to the ship's bridge. The rest troopers joined the Team-02 with the K-12 troopers lead by Major Varro to search the engine room.

Major Varro lead the Team 02, which consist of the surviving members of the K-12: BugsprayRatzassHoly Man, Gunfodder and Kharon, and several troopers from the A-01, including Chase.

After aboard the John A. Warden, Varro lead his team to investigate the engine room. They then found horrified Jenkins, who locked himself in a Bug cage and warned them not to restart the engine — which was too late. Later, the troopers was under heavy attacked by overwhelming Warrior Bugs. Kharon was mortally wounded during the evacuation, he decided to sacrifice himself to draw Bugs' attention, so the rest troopers could leave. They then found out it had been taken over by the Queen Bug after it destroyed the Alesia and prepared the John A. Warden heading to Earth. Gunfodder sustains a ftal wound from a bug and is rescued by Shock Jock, but bleeds to death soon after. Before the warp, Major Varro told Captain Ibanez what happened in the Fort Casey.

A while after the John A. Warden crash-landed on Earth, Major Varro lead the remaining troopers: Ice Blonde, Mech, Bugspray, Ratzass and Holy Man, to killed the Queen. Holy Man was killed after he took a plasma shot from a Plasma Grenadier Bug for Ice Blonde. The trooper psychically guided by Carl Jenkins. Ice Blonde stayed with Captain Ibanez, while Major Varro lead the others to kill the Queen. Mech and Ratzass were later ordered to set C-4 in the engine room. While heading to the Queen, Bugspray found Trig's body. He was then ambushed by a Warrior Bug. Though the Bug was killed, Bugspray suffered a fatal wound. He stayed to hold off the enemies before he was killed.

When Major Varro was heading to the chamber where the Queen was, he was faced by a bunch of Warrior Bugs. Suddenly, several Warrior Bugs appeared from his behind and attacked the Warrior Bugs coming toward him. Those Bugs were controlled by Carl Jenkins. Jenkins revealed that those Bugs were "Federal Intelligence Bugs", his secret research on John A. Warden. However, all the Federal Intelligence Bug were later killed. Jenkins said if he could finish the research, he would be able to use more Federal Intelligence Bugs. Varro told Jenkins to escape, so the project could be finished. Later, Major Varro was mortally wounded and he detonated a grenade, killing himself along with the Warrior Bugs around him. General Rico referred to him as a true hero.

All of the K-12 troopers were killed in action, except for Ratzass, who lead the salute to the fallen troopers after the battle. Starship Troopers: Invasion

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