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Sandrine Holt


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Private Jill Sandee was a young Asian MI trooper and original founding member and radar operator of Bravo Six.


When Bravo Six was first assembled, Sandee was one of the last to join it, and became one of it's original seven founding members, along with the then corporal and squad leader, Lei Sahara, psychic lieutenant Pavlov Dill, corporal radio operator Thom Kobe, private rifleman Duff Horton, private machine gunner Ottis Brick, and private rifleman Kipper Tor. Sandee was youngest and most passive, quiet, calm, and harmless member of the squad. She was rather inexperienced and weak in combat and it was hard for her to shoot and fight. She wasn't much of a fighter, and was more of an observer which is why she was assigned squad's radar operator, and became responsible for their radar. It became her duty to operate it, listen to it's signals, set up observation posts, detect, and observe enemy forces, monitor, and follow their movements, and alert others if necessary and also to carry the radar on a battlefield which was pretty hard as it was rather big and heavy. She became a vital squad member, and essentially the squad's eyes and ears, it's vision and hearing. As such she rarely directly participated in battles, and rarely directly engaged the enemy. Instead she usually kept her distance, mostly staying in one place, in relative safety, at her posts, watching, and observing events from afar, and rarely geting herself involved in anything, especially the fights, and it was mandatory for other troopers to protect her while she worked. At some point, she became Horton's lover, and he often helped her carry her equipment and guarded her posts. Bravo Six were sent on a mission on Zulu Alpha, along with general Jack Gordon Shepherd and his division. There her work and position became even more important as they were constantly in conditions of zero visibility and her radar was more than often the only means of seeing approaching bugs before it's too late. Eventually, they were attacked, and surrounded by bugs. The bugs were quickly overwhelming them. During the battle, she was constantly helped and covered by Horton. Eventually, Shepherd ordered the surviving troopers to retreat to abandoned outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5 and Sandee along with Horton and other survivors retreated while Shepherd stayed behind with several troopers, covering the retreat. They managed to make it to the outpost just as the storm was about to engulf it. Sandee, and Horton took cover behind a shield, and witnessed many troopers being carried away and killed by wind, but were unable to help them. Horton tried to help one of them, but failed, and that trooper was carried away too. During the storm, Kobe was attacked by a Warrior Bug, who broke his radio, rendering them unable to contact anyone and call for help. Because of this, they were essentially stuck, and marooned in the outpost. Sandee was one of the first to enter the dark outpost along with Rake, Sahara, Brick, and Dill, and dragged her radar inside. She, and Brick were then ordered by Rake to take a squad, and set a perimeter around the base. Sandee along with Brick quickly ran outside, dragging the radar along. She set up an Observation Post near the entrance, took off her helmet, and began working with the radar while Brick guarded her. When Horton and Billy restored the power to the outpost, Sandee and Brick noticed it and she looked at him and smiled. It is at this time that bugs began to show up on the monitor. Sandee and Brick noticed it, but were initially unsure if they should sound the alarm since the bugs could just ignore them this time. However, when more bugs appeared, and started to approach them, Sandee understood that they are going to attack, and decided to alert the others, and sent Brick with this in the outpost. He soon returned with Rake, Sahara, Dill, Horton, and Billy and they came up to her and looked at the radar. She gave Dill her headset, and he listened to the radar's signals. When everyone began preparing for battle and took up their positions, Sandee remained at her post, monitoring bugs movements, and warned everyone that the bugs are "shifting their lines". During most of the battle that followed, Sandee remained at her post, only occasionally firing from it. At the end of the battle when bugs began to break through their defenses, and one of them neared her location, she screamed, "Bug!", alerting others of it's presence, and that her post is being threatened. Only then she was forced to abandon it, and retreat from it as it was no longer safe to stay there. It is at this moment that Dax exited the outpost and promptly gunned down the bug that was threatening her post and chasing a fleeing Lieutenant Dill. When Dax took charge, Sandee joined him and others, and took an active part in defending outpost for the last few seconds of the battle, taking position with Dill and Horton, before the bugs were incinerated by outpost's defenses. After the battle she returned to her post. When Shepherd and three other survivors approached the outpost, followed by bugs, Sandee saw them on a radar, and warned everyone. When Shepherd came to outpost, she left her post to greet him, and went inside with others. Later, she sat in the outpost with the rest of the squad, listening to Shepherd's story. Shepherd told them of Goldy's death, referring to him as a "kid", and Sandee was saddened by it along with Billy, Sahara, and the others. She looked at Billy understandingly and with sympathy while he lowered his head in grief and Sahara placed her hand on his shoulder, comforting him. When Brick and Horton accidentally knocked out the power at the outpost, Sandee prepared for battle along with everyone else, and, of course, rushed to a radar, when Dax called up for her, yelling, "Where's my OP?". She looked at the monitor with him and silently listened to her commanders discussing the situation over her head when Peck remedied the situation by restoring the power. When everyone praised him for his work, loudly yelling his name, Sandee, along with Dill, remained silent, and was one of the few to do so, instead focusing on her own work on a radar. When everyone left, only she stayed behind at her post. Sometime later when bugs decided to start infecting people in outpost, Joe took a certain interest in Sandee while Soda became interested in Horton and vice versa. Joe began stealthily observing Sandee which she didn't notice. Sandee returned to her post after a break and put on her headset when Soda walked past her. She looked at her, and then looked at Horton, not noticing that Joe is looking at her. Later, Horton was seduced and infected with a Control Bug by Soda and Sandee saw them in a room together. This struck her hard. She was shocked, heartbroken, and distraught by this, and ran out of the room, colliding with Joe on a way. A grieving Sandee was questioned by Dax, then ran outside, and met with Joe. She talked with him, and found a new significant other in him. He eventually persuaded her to kiss him and she was infected by him through a kiss. One of his bugs crawled inside her, causing her to faint and constantly bleed from mouth and nose. After waking up under Bug's influence, she noticeably changed. Her original traits remained, but were greatly inflated, and she arguably became the most eccentric and erratic of infected. She became somewhat bipolar as she usually looked sad, gloomy, depressed, indifferent, aloof, and dismal, but at the same time was hysterical, as she was repeatedly breaking out into fits of deranged laughter, and seemingly took sadistic pleasure as bugs hunted down humans, however she did almost nothing to help any of them, not trying to stop еруь either, staying rather neutral, and somewhere in between, barely participating in events, and only observing them, as she always did. It is possible that she preserved at least some of her consciousness, remaining aware to some extent, and understanding what was happening, however the bug was driving her insane, explaining her behavior. When Rake, and Sahara first saw her after infection, she was laughing, and rocking in Joe's arms, while bleeding from the nose, with Joe tending to it, and affectionately holding her hand. She also completely abandoned her post, and hadn't touched the radar ever since her infection which should've invoked at least some suspicion as it was a drastic change. Sandee was present with the rest of the squad when Billy and Shepherd contacted Fleet and requested evac. Sandee was present with the other infected when Joe drew a star in the sand outside with millions of bugs surrounding them. Later, Sahara saw her with the other infected in the kitchen, and noticed that something is wrong with them. Sandee was sitting at the table along with Soda and Horton and Soda was doing something with her hand (massage perhaps?) when Tor and Joe entered the kitchen and they walked out of it together. Later, when the last remaining humans at the outpost, Dax, Sahara, and Dill, realized what was happening, and Dill went to talk with Shepherd, who was already infected by Soda, Sahara briefly, and temporarily replaced Sandee at her post as she was apparently in no state to do it while Dax returned to his own post nearby. Sandee herself along with Horton came to Soda's side when she was confronted by Dill after he learned of Shepherd's infection. Horton attacked and pushed him, but Dill pointed at them with the gun, forcing them to back off. Sandee, Horton, and Soda were threatened by Dill, and witnessed his murder by Billy. When Dax was framed and arrested for Dill's murder, Sahara abandoned the radar too, this time permanently, as it was subsequently forgotten and left at the outpost. Sandee, Horton, Joe, and Soda looked at Dill's dead body, and Horton turned it over, when Sahara entered the room. When Rake, Tor and Brick led Dax out of the room, Sandee, Horton, and Soda stood up and approached Joe, Shepherd, and Sahara, who looked at them with horror, realizing that they have something to do with Dill's death. When Billy led Sahara out of the room, Sandee just looked at them coldly along with Soda, Joe, and Horton. Sandee briefly assisted Horton, and Joe in infecting Rake. They surround her, and she hit her with a rifle before running away and climbing on a table. She laughed, when Rake was infected by Horton. When Billy entered the barracks, and locked himself in with Sahara, Sandee looked at the barrack door, and continued to laugh, and didn't even notice how Rake woke up, remaining in control of herself, and injected herself with numerous adrenaline shots. Soon, Sandee noticed that Rake has disappeared, and followed her blood traces, finding her with a frying pan. Rake tried to kill her in retaliation, and hit her with a pan, spraying the room with her blood. However, Sandee survived Rake's attack, and was merely knocked out. Later, she awoke, and followed Dax, Sahara, and Rake out of the kitchen. At this time bugs disabled the power, and the outpost went dark. Warrior Bugs stormed the outpost, certainly breaking Sandee's radar in the process. Meanwhile, inside the outpost, Sandee found Dax and Sahara in a dark corridor, and decided to try, and kill them, and went kamikaze. She pulled out two grenades, and blocked their path, standing in a middle of a corridor with her back turned to them, with a bloody face half covered by hair, with only one eye visible, and began creepily, and disturbingly singing a nursery rhyme, "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Dax, and Sahara approached her from behind, and were puzzled by this, and didn't even know how to respond. Sahara tried to talk to her, and walked towards her, calling her name, possibly hoping to reason with her, and that maybe she wasn't completely lost after all, but she was apparently wrong as after hearing her voice Sandee just went silent, and calmly turned around, brandishing the grenades. She looked at them one last time, and set the grenades off, but Dax pushed her away just before they went off, and exploded. Though it was not seen, Sandee supposedly died in the explosion off-screen as a result of her suicide attack, while Dax, and Sahara managed to survive, though strangely her faint and distant scream was heard after it. Dax looked in that direction, but supposedly saw nothing of interest, and they continued through the base as if nothing happened.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation



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