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"Poor creatures. Why must we destroy you? I'll tell you why. Order is the tide of creation. But yours is a species that worships the one over the many. You glorify your intelligence. Because it allows you to believe anything. That you have a destiny. That you have a right. That you have a cause. That you are special. That you are great. But in truth, you are born insane. And such misery cannot be allowed to spread!"
—A Control Bug-infected Shepherd[src]

Jack Shepherd



Zulu Alpha












FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Arachnid Symbol Arachnids (infected)


High-ranking officer

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Bravo Six, 701st Mobile Infantry


Major General


Battle of Zulu Alpha

Real life


Ed Lauter

General Jack Gordon Shepherd was a popular leader in the Mobile Infantry during the First Bug War whom Commanded the 701st Mobile Infantry and many ground Forces during federal offensives.

History Edit

General Shepherd led an invasion of an Arachnid Planet deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone five years after the Klendathu System Campaign that ended in disaster with the Mobile Infantry in retreat. The General gets cut off from a large portion of his force with Bravo one unit of Bravo company. Bravo one is able to retreat to Hotel Delta 1-8-5 where the unit along with the General hold out awaiting retrieval. Unknown to the general and his soldiers three stragglers they had picked up had been infected with Control Bugs.

After two days waiting for retrieval, Shepherd and his soldiers were infected by the Control Bugs. Now under the control of the Control Bug instead of his own free will the general tried to kill or infect the last two of his uninfected Troopers. Simultaneously Shepherd attempted to escape Hotel Delta 1-8-5 on a DR-8 Skyhook so as to get to the Federation's high command and defeat the Federation from inside. Infected Shepherd nearly escaped Hotel Delta 1-8-5, but Captain Dax shot him several times killing the Infected General and preventing the Control Bugs' plans. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


Before being infected by the Control Bug, he was a charismatic leader, who valued the lives of his troopers, which was shown during his admonishment of Pavlov Dill, informing the Psychic Officer to discuss with him how the majority of his troopers were killed.

Appearance Edit


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