An Intel Bugs are Bugs brainwashed and mind-controlled by Psi Ops. Each Intel Bug has FIB painted on its body. So far, only Warriors and Workers were used as Intel Bugs.


Battle of Fort CaseyEdit

Intel Bugs were deployed during the Battle of Fort Casey.

John A. Warden IncidentEdit

After John A. Warden crash-landed on Earth, when Henry Varro was heading to the chamber where the Queen was, he was faced by a bunch of Warrior Bugs. Suddenly, several Intel Bugs controlled by Carl Jenkins appeared from his behind and attacked the Warrior Bugs coming toward him. Carl revealed that they are Intel Bugs, his research. Carl and Varro then went to Queen's chamber along with Intel Bugs. Queen used Daugherty's body in an attempt to negotiate for Jenkins' life and letting Varro live. Varro told the Queen to "fuck off" and a battle ensued. Intel Bugs were able to easily fight off the Warriors, but the Plasma Bugs blasted them to pieces. Within seconds, every Intel Bug was killed while only Hero and Carl were left. Carl said if he could finish the research, he would be able to create more Intel Bugs. Varro told him to escape, so the project could be finished. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • In the game Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry", the player is equipped with a Morita-like weapon to transform three Worker Bugs into Intel Bugs to help the player at the Battle of Fort Casey. 
  • In the movie, Plasma Bugs can easily take out Intel Bugs with several blasts where in the game, FIBs can easily take down Plasma Grenadier Bugs with several slashes. These features were probably added to make the game and Intel Bugs more co-op friendly.
  • Though Intel Bugs were present at Fort Casey, Varro and his squad didn't see them as he was shocked to see them on John A. Warden.



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  • X-Bug - Genetically modified Royal Warrior used against the Bugs.
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UCF X-Bug - Federal Intelligence Bug