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Hotel Delta 1-8-5 is a Stronghold on Zulu Alpha, a deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. It was utilised by the Federation as an outpost.



Hotel Delta 1-8-5 was built on Zulu Alpha as an outpost during Operation March To Victory. A unit of Mobile Infantry, which included Captain Dax, was stationed inside the outpost. Sometime during the unit's stationing, Captain Dax killed his superior officer inside the outpost. For this action, he was arrested by the other troopers and locked up inside an incinerator for a cell. Shortly after the outpost was attacked by Arachnids, and the remaining troopers abandoned it along with Dax, who was still locked up.

During the Bug War, Bravo 6 company of the 701st Mobile Infantry was a part of a defeated Army and was forced to retreat to the then abandoned outpost. They are able to hold out in the Outpost while waiting for recovery until several Control Bugs infiltrate the base and infect all of the troopers apart from Lieutenant Dill, Captain Dax, who were killed, and Lei Sahara, who survived and escaped on a Landing Boat.


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