Hotel Delta 1-8-5 was an infamous Federation Stronghold on Zulu Alpha, deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, where many horrible events have transpired, and many troopers lost their lives. It is widely known as the place of death of the infamous unfortunate squad, Bravo Six, an event which greatly contributed to its dark reputation.



Hotel Delta 1-8-5 was built on Zulu Alpha during the Battle of Zulu Alpha. A unit of Mobile Infantry, which included Captain Dax, was stationed there. Sometime during the unit's stationing, Dax killed his superior officer, colonel Offer Hohlback, inside the outpost. For this action, he was arrested by the other troopers and locked up inside an incinerator for a cell. Shortly after this the outpost was attacked by Arachnids, and the remaining troopers abandoned it along with Dax.

Later, Bravo Six along with the remains of 701st division retreated to it and met Dax inside, who was still locked up. One of the troopers, Lei Sahara, released him so he could help him batle the bugs. With his help, they were able to hold out in the outpost while waiting for recovery until Control Bugs started infecting the base's inhabitants and infected all of them except Lieutenant Dill, and Captain Dax, who were killed, and Lei Sahara, who survived and escaped the planet on a rescue ship.