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Holy Man (or Holyman[1]), a private of the K-12 team, was a servant of God. His body was covered with many tattoos from various religions across cultures.


Holy Man and his team were sent to Fort Casey after it was discovered that an Arachnid colony was present inside the base.  The team failed to deal with the Arachnids and had many casualties. General Jenkins ordered the commander of K-12, Major Varro, capture the Queen Bug, who was on the asteroid. Varro refused the order as he knew it would mean the probable death of himself and his men and saw no logic in it.

Later, Holy Man and the survivors of the K-12 team were rescued by the A-01 team and they retrieved to the FAS Alesia before the C-4s in the fort was detonated.

A while after, Holy Man joined the mission to search the missing John A. Warden. Before the mission, Ice Blonde saw Holy Man's talisman tattoo and asked him which one would saved him. He point a talisman on his left arm, which he thought that wound save him, and another on his left chest before pointing at her, meaning this one would save her.

He was assigned to the Team-02 along with the K-12 troopers and some from the A-01. A while after the John A. Wardern was found, the troopers found out it had been taken over by the Queen Bug. The Bugs destroyed the Alesia and prepared heading to Earth.

After the ship crash landed on Earth, when the troopers were searching the enemies, Holy Man threw himself in front of a blast of plasma meant for Ice Blonde. He died before finishing the sign of the cross. Ice Blonde told him she was just starting to believe him. The fact he told Ice Blonde earlier that she wouldn't die according to a religious tattoo he made. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • It is unknown which religion is his primary choice.
  • He seems to be a good friend with Kharon, with whom he discusses theology.
  • He is the character with least amount of dialogue in the entire film.




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