General Owen.




Ambush at Whiskey Outpost






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Major General

General Owen was the officer in charge of Whiskey Outpost during the campaign in the Klendathu system. Whilst in command of the outpost on the Planet P of which the troopers stationed there believed was clear of Arachnids.

History Edit

During this assignment, the Arachnids burrowed a hole under the outpost cafeteria slaughtering most of the outpost personnel. General Owen in fear hides in a locker near the radio station and witnesses one of his troopers being captured and forced to send a distress call before the Brain Bug sucked his brains out. It was in this locker he was to remain until the Roughnecks reached the base in response to the distress call. The Roughnecks upon hearing banging open the locker and find General Owen half mad from the ordeal. The General initially is ecstatic with joy believing the Roughnecks to be a rescue party with a dropship. He soon discovers this not to be true as they were there to investigate the distress call; not a rescue mission.

The base is then attacked by hordes of Warrior Bugs supported by Tanker Bugs and Hoppers. General Owen during this attack is still crazed and merely drops to his knees and pleads to be killed. In the middle of the attack, a Hopper Bug is killed and falls to the ground where the general is kneeling, hitting and killing him. Starship Troopers

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