This page is about the novel character, for his film counterpart, see Sky Marshal Dienes.

General Diennes commanded all ground forces in the failed "Operation Bughouse". He was killed during the operation.


After the Pseudo-Arachnids attack on Earth, the Terran Federation planned "Operation Bughouse" to invade and destroy the Pseudo-Arachnids on their homeworld Klendathu.

Leading the ground forces was General Diennes, who dropped onto the planet in a capsule along with the Mobile Infantry and K-9 Corps. During this invasion, Pseudo-Arachnids fought the ground forces heavily and it soon became apparent that the Terran Federation Army had lost the ground battle as the situation had become impossible. Upon realising this, an evacuation order was issued to the ground forces whilst General Diennes personally led a diversionary attack to allow for for Troopers to escape the planet. This diversionary attack meant certain death for the General and he was killed in action during it.