Sergeant Francis Brutto is a somewhat ruthless taskmaster, Brutto is very outspoken and aggressive.

Originally something of an antagonist for the rest of the squad, he eventually becomes easier to get along with during the Hydora Campaign. His son, Max, is 17-year-old and an All-Star Fullback. Brutto is crippled before the Klendathu Campaign, and afterwards his son, who apparently joined the Mobile Infantry in the aftermath of the Pluto Campaign, is assigned to the Roughnecks.

Like all the Roughnecks, Brutto originally was distrusting of T'Phai, but eventually became his best friends, prompting Higgins to remark, "Are those two actually bonding?". This bond extends to the point that when his son joins the Roughnecks he wants T'Phai to look out for his son.

Notes Edit

  • Francis Brutto is voiced by David DeLuise.
  • Dirx from Heavy Gear (T.V. Series) has the same bearded, also the same similar voice of Francis Brutto's.
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