Fleet Rescue is a designated reference to Fleet's emergency radio network band. As the name implies, Fleet Rescue is primarily responsible for all emergency retrieval of Mobile Infantry troopers requesting pickup. They are also authorized to prioritize pickups from planet battlefields based on level of urgency. When Bravo Six first requested pickup from Fleet Rescue during the disastrous battle in Zulu Alpha, inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, Fleet Rescue denied pickup even after being hailed by General Shepherd. Later, Fleet Rescue received Bravo Six's pickup request for a second time while they were at Hotel Delta 1-8-5. At that time, an arrogant, disrespectful Fleet Lieutenant denied the priority pickup until General Shepherd aggressively demanded pickup, threatening to have serious reprimand taken on all Fleet Rescue officials, including the lieutenant he was addressing. Fleet Rescue eventually sent a retrieval boat for General Shepherd, unaware of that the general was infected with Control Bugs. He was killed by surviving trooper Captain V. J. Dax who helped Private Lei Sahara aboard the retrieval craft so she could inform the Federation of the Bugs' newest infiltration tactic.


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