Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga as seen from the bridge of a Corvette Transport.

Ticonderoga (51) is a Fleet Battlestation operated by the Fleet of the United Citizen Federation.

The mobile gunbase served as a staging point for the Battle of Klendathu. Its superstructure contains stores, bars, restaurants, and tattoo parlors. The outer edge contains docking clamps for possibly a hundred ships, while the dorsal side contains docking points for damaged ships.


During the Klendathu Campaign in the First Bug War, Ticonderoga was used as a command base for the Invasion of Klendathu. A fleet of Corvette Transports was launched from the base, and after the defeat of the battle the fleet retreated to the base, where many damaged and destroyed vessels were gathered for repairs and salvage. Starship Troopers

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