Firefry Bug in the snow.

Firefries are parasitoidic Bugs that are birthed from other lifeforms infected with their spores. They are small Bugs similar to fireflies, but actually on fire. Firefries grow to the size of Warrior Bugs, lose the ability to fly, and spit fire like a flamethrower.

They are a flame throwing variety of Bug that is suited to survive in deep space with little or no connection to the Bug hive. This colonizing Bug has an unusual reproductive cycle, known to implant it's spore in host bodies. After an incubation period of unknown duration, the Firefries burst into tiny swarms of glowing Bugs which can generate tremendous amounts of heat. Firefry spore also known to have mutagenic properties.

The Firefry is a four-legged bug, the rearmost pairs of legs are longer than the two front forelegs. The Firefy's body is earth colored, it has tan coloured crosswise stripes on top of the body. The underside of the bug has a shade of red brown.


During the Zephyr Campaign, the Dropship Zephyr accidentally brought this Bug to the Ice Bug asteroid as eggs, hatching from Zander's skin.[Episode needed]


  • Firefries are bleeding yellow blood, as can be seen several times during the Zephyr Campaign. However, during this campaign a single Firefry is suddenly bleeding green (probably a nitpick).


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