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Terran Federation Army
Type Ground Military
Faction Terran Federation
Commanding Officers Sky Marshal-in-chief
General Diennes (C.O. of groundforces - Operation Bughouse)
Lieutenant Rasczak (C.O. Rasczak's Roughnecks)
Lieutenant Jelal (C.O. Raszcak's Roughnecks)
Juan Rico (C.O. Rico's Roughnecks)
Known units Mobile Infantry

K-9 Corps Combat Engineers

Base of Operations Terra / Sanctuary
Established Unknown
Status Active

The Terran Federation Army is the ground force of the Terran Federation and purely volunteer (like all Federation Service branches) military organization.

Two known sections of the Federation Army are the Mobile Infantry, and the K-9 Corps, which are independent but work in conjunction with each other. The Army is transported throughout the galaxy by the Navy in various sized transports ranging from a corvette, which houses a single platoon, to regimental transports which house up to six platoons. The M.I. prefers the smaller, "speedier" corvettes because of the operational flexibility they offer. This provides the ability to conduct concurrent and/or consecutive raid-type missions over a large area of operation and on many planets or systems as opposed to larger set-piece battles or invasions in a more concentrated manner.

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