The Federal Council in session in the General Assembly

The Federal Council is the ruling body of the United Citizens' Federation. Council members are governors chosen to represent their star system. The head of the Federal Council is the Prime Councillor, who is elected by the Council for a five year term. During conflicts the Sky Marshal provides the General Council with weekly reports on the military situation.

The Council meets in the General Assembly building in Geneva.


After the attack on Buenos Aires the Federal Council voted unanimously to go to war with the Arachnid species. The council appointed Sky Marshal Dienes to conduct the war. Later, after the Klendathu disasterDienes resigned as Sky Marshal and the Federal Council replaced him with Tehat Meru.

After Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's defection to the Arachnid's at OM-1, Admiral Enolo Phid orchestrated a bombing at the Federal Council building in order to cover up the true cause of Anoke's death and claim that he died while remaining a loyal member of the United Citizen Federation.

The bombing served a secondary purpose in that it allowed the Federation to blame prominent anti-war protesters for the "terrorist act" and remove them with extreme prejudice.

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