F-76 Thunderbolt

In flight over Tango Urilla


Tactical Airspace Control fighter bomber


FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Service History


Fleet Pin Fleet


Production History



Technical Specifications


1 Pilot


Napalm, Bombs, Missiles

The F-76 Thunderbolt also known as the TAC Fighter is the main starfighter/bomber of the United Citizen Federation Fleet. Is a Tactical Airspace Control fighter. TAC's are very commonly used by Fleet and tend to be stationed onboard many Corvette Transports. During the Klendathu System Campaign TACs were used almost completely for bombing missions against Arachnid positions on planet surfaces before the Mobile Infantry was deployed in those or close by regions.

TACs were also featured quite heavily in FedNet propaganda during both the First and Second Bug Wars, possibly to encourage excitement and support for the wars.

Notes Edit

  • Despite of the fact that the TAC is classified as a fighter, it has only ever been seen onscreen in the role of a bomber. It is possible that although the TAC fighter was designed for an air combat role, it was used as a bomber due to two reasons: a lack of a true bomber in Fleet, and the Arachnids' lack of any starfighters or aircraft (which they have in the novel universe).



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