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Carl Jenkins

The Elite Guard is a group of Marines directly commanded by Carl Jenkins, the Minister of Paranormal Warfare.[1]


During the Battle of Fort Casey, Marines of Paranormal Warfare guarded Carl Jenkins during the Bug attack on the Fort. When Major Varro and the K-12 Team entered a Bug hive, Jenkins informed Henry of a technological advantage that would save his troops. While the K-12 Team fought off Arachnids, the Marines were ordered to capture the Queen and were successful at their mission however, many were killed by the Super Tank Bug as their corpses can be seen by Varro and his men after capturing the hive. The Marines are later seen with Carl Jenkins on a homing screen when arresting Major Varro for insubordination. Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"

At the end of the battle, Carl and his marines boarded the John A. Warden, while two stayed at the fort to escort Captain Carmen Ibanez to the Alesia. All remaining Elite Guard troopers aboard the John A. Warden were killed when the Queen Bug took control of the ship; the bodies of several of them later being found in the ship's engine room alongside Warrior Bug corpses. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • Members of the Marauder Team wore the same Power Suits as the Elite Guard. This Power Suit color scheme could be used for the Federation special forces, elite soldiers, or those related to the high-ranked personnel.
  • It is unclear whether the term "Elite Guard" specifically referring to Carl Jenkins' guards, or any group that guards high-ranked personnel.
  • "Marines" may just be a term as only MI troopers use power armor.

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