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Zulu Alpha














FederationFlag United Citizen Federation (formerly)

Arachnid Symbol Arachnids (infected by Control Bug)



Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Bravo Six





Real life


Jason-Shane Scott

Duff Horton was a trooper in Mobile Infantry and member of Bravo Six during the First Bug War.


At some point, Horton became a lover of his squad mate, squad's Radar Operator, Private Jill Sandee, and often helped her carry her radar and guarded her posts. Bravo Six were sent on a mission on Zulu Alpha, along with general Jack Gordon Shepherd and his division. Eventually, they were attacked, and surrounded by bugs. The bugs were quickly overwhelming them. Horton helped and covered Sandee during the battle. Eventually, Shepherd ordered the surviving troopers to retreat to abandoned outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5 and Horton along with Sandee and other survivors retreated while Shepherd stayed behind with several troopers, covering the retreat. They managed to make it to the outpost just as the storm was about to engulf it. Horton, and Sandee took cover behind a shield, and witnessed many troopers being carried away and killed by wind, but were unable to help them. Horton tried to help one of them, but failed, and that trooper was carried away too. During the storm, Kobe was attacked and wounded by a Warrior Bug, who broke his radio, rendering them unable to contact anyone and call for help. Because of this, they were essentially stuck, and marooned in the outpost. Horton came to Billy and Kobe's aid along with Rake, Brick, and Tor and they drove the Warrior off with riffle fire. Horton, and Tor picked up and carried Kobe in the outpost with Billy following them. Kobe eventually died from massive blood loss with Tor serenading and mourning him. Horton along with Billy accompanied Rake, Sahara, and Dill as they explored the outpost. When they heard banging from somewhere above and went up to investigate, Horton along with Billy was ordered by Rake to find and run up the generator and restore the power to the outpost. They completed this objective and outpost was lighted up again. Soon after that Brick stormed in the outpost with a message from Sandee about bugs incoming. Brick met and warned Billy and Horton and together they met and warned Rake, Sahara, and Dill. They all went outside, where they met Sandee, and saw bugs on a radar. Horton took position with Billy and participated in the battle that followed. When bugs began to break through their defenses, and Sandee was forced to abandon her post as it was no longer safe, Horton took position with her and Dill for the last few seconds of the battle before the bugs were incinerated by outpost's defenses. When Shepherd and three other survivors approached the outpost, followed by bugs, and Sandee warned everyone about it, Horton launched an illumination round in the sky on Rake's order. When Shepherd came to outpost, Horton went to greet him, and went inside with others, where he sat with the rest of the squad, listening to Shepherd's story. Shepherd then introduced Joe and Peck and they introduced Soda. Horton, and Brick worked on fixing the door. They botched it on their first attempt, having neglected to clear away the cables, causing the door to weld itself open and knocking out the power. Peck remedied the situation by restoring power. Horton continued trying to fix the door, and was Soda when she walked past him. Later, Horton saw Soda naked in the barracks. She used her nudity to seduce him, and infected him with a Control Bug. Later on, Horton was frequently seen with Soda. Meanwhile, Brick continued his work, and eventually fixed the door. Horton was present with the rest of the squad when Billy and Shepherd contacted Fleet and requested evac. He was present with the other infected when Joe drew a star in the sand outside with millions of bugs surrounding them. Later, Sahara saw him with the other infected in the kitchen, and noticed that something is wrong with them. He was sitting behind a table with Sandee and Soda when Tor and Joe entered the kitchen and they walked out of it together. Horton along with Sandee came to Soda's side when she was confronted by Dill after he learned of Shepherd's infection. He attacked and pushed Dill, but he pointed at them with the gun, forcing them to back off. Horton, Sandee, and Soda were threatened by Dill, and witnessed his murder by Billy. After this, Horton went with Rake, Tor and Brick to apprehend and capture Dax. They apprehended and took Dax to Shepherd. Horton, Joe, Sandee, and Soda looked at Dill's dead body, and Horton turned it over, when Sahara entered the room. When Rake, Tor and Brick led Dax out of the room, Horton, Sandee, and Soda stood up and approached Joe, Shepherd, and Sahara, who looked at them with horror, realizing that they have something to do with Dill's death. Joe, Horton, and Sandee surround Rake. Horton and Billy pin her down and Horton forces a Control Bug into her mouth. However, Rake somehow remains in control of herself, and injects herself with numerous adrenaline shots. She knocks Sandee out with frying pan and attacks and kills Horton by chopping his head off with a meat cleaver. The Bug inside him then emerged from his mouth and Rake killed it by tossing it and Horton's head into a microwave.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


  • Horton appeared to be reasonably adept with machines as he and Brick were assigned the job of repairing the main door of the outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5, where their unit had taken refuge until retrieval from Fleet.
  • Horton was Sandee's lover before being seduced and infected by Soda.



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