Biographical information
Physical description
  • Commander
  • Male
Additional information
Voice Actor
  • Danny Keogh

Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's personal doctor.

History Edit

Dr Wiggs is first seen at Roku San where he came down to along with the Sky Marshal. He treats the Sky Marshal Omar Anoke who had temporally suffered from shock, due to the horrors of battle he encountered on Roku San before withdrawing to the safety of the Fleet ship Geronimo. Dr Wiggs later in the Sky Marshal's quarters along with captain Lola Beck when Arachnid plasma engulfs the ship causing the secondary reactor to blow. Captain Beck orders the crew in her immediate vacinity including Dr Wiggs to abandon ship. Their escape pod lands safely on the planet OM-1 which they quickly discover is colonised by Arachnids. It is decided to travel a distance of several days to the Sky Marshals boat on which the party could find communication equipment and Marines.

On OM-1 after several days of trekking, Dr Wiggs and his party are around a fire eating during dark when all of a sudden the group is attacked by Behemacoatyl. The ground beneath opened and Dr Wiggs fell into the resulting trench. Behemecoatyl grabs him with its many claws and dragged Wiggs deep down underground to his death.

Dr Wiggs body whilst impaled is used by Behemecoatyl to communicate with Anoke.

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