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The name or term "Dizzy Flores" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dizzy Flores (disambiguation).

"Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human race their personal responsibility. Dizzy was my friend. She was a soldier. But more than that, she was a citizen of the Federation."
Johnny Rico[src]

Isabel Flores



Buenos Aires, Flag of Argentina Argentina


Whiskey Outpost, Planet P














FederationFlag United Citizen Federation


Flag of Argentina Argentinian

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry






Camp Arthur Currie


F-E-2 Private

Real life


Dina Meyer


Laura Ayala (Latino)
Eva Díaz (Spanish)
Misa Watanabe (Japanese)
Takako Honda (Japanese, 'Fuji TV)

Isabel "Dizzy" Flores was one of Johnny Rico's highschool classmates. She was long infatuated by him and was the quarterback for the Buenos Aires fieldball team. Although she planned to play for Rio de Janeiro after graduating, Flores secretly joined the Mobile Infantry and successfully gained a transfer to Rico's training unit.

Flores was killed in the Bug ambush on Whiskey Outpost after killing a tanker bug that mortally wounded Lt. Rasczak.

History Edit

Dizzy is a classmate of Johnny Rico's in high school, and his teammate on the school's fieldball team. She is heavily implied to fancy Rico, whilst disliking Carmen for being with him.

At a school graduation dance, Dizzy waits until Carmen walks away from Johnny to get a dance with him. During this, she asks Johnny why they weren't together to which Johnny just asks "can't we just be friends, Dizz?".

Dizzy then joins Rico's training unit, which annoys Johnny as he believes she only joined to follow him. However, later during training, Dizzy helps Johnny become squad leader. He then makes peace with her and show appreciation for the help. After the death of the squadmate who was accidentally killed by the other squadmate in the live-fire training, during the flogged she, Ace and Kitten was starting to get extremely worried when Rico is been given ten lashes.

When war outbreaks, Dizzy is deployed to Klendathu during its disastrous campaign that kills the vast majority of her unit.

She is transferred to the Roughnecks in which she serves at Tango Urilla where she becomes a squad leader, at the night of victory celebration, she consummates her love with Johnny. During the units recon of an outpost on Planet-P, she tries to get the base's damaged radio working whilst the Roughnecks are ambushed.

During the rescue from a Dropship at this base, she is able to kill a Tanker Bug by throwing a grenade into its mouth whilst it was inhaling. After killing it, she is yelling in delight when Rico suddenly screams at her to watch out: a Warrior Bug somehow entered the outpost, stabs her four times in the torso from back. Rico, Ace Levy, Watkins, an unnamed M.I trooper, and possibly Zander rescued her and drag her onto the Dropship, but she dies on the way back to the Fleet.

Later on, Rico gets enraged because he commands to planetary bomb the orbit, as an unable by Carmen's fleet Captain Deladier. He also remarks: "The M.I does the dying, the fleet does the flying."

A funeral was then held for Flores after the surviving Roughnecks returned from Planet-P, with Rico giving the eulogy, stating that Dizzy was his friend, a soldier, and more importantly, a citizen of the Federation . Her casket containing her body was then jettisoned into the space vacuum, as part of her burial. Starship Troopers  


Dizzy was headstrong, tough, and confident, this showed that she was a capable soldier under pressure. Her romantic feelings for Johnny was what made her join the Mobile Infantry.


Johnny RicoEdit

Johnny Rico is Dizzy's boyfriend. Dizzy had a crush on Johnny since high school, despite the fact that he had (Carmen Ibanez) a girlfriend at the time, on the last night of their high school prom, she and Johnny shared a dance together, even though he told her that he was saving a dance for Carmen, despite this, they had a friendly conversation. He was obviously aware of her romantic feelings for him, when Dizzy joined the Mobile Infantry, mainly because of her romantic feelings for Johnny, he found this annoying,

Carmen IbanezEdit

Dizzy held obvious jealousy for Carmen, partly due to the latter being Johnny's girlfriend at the time, and mainly because of her romantic feelings for Johnny, shown during the prom night before they enlisted. This jealousy possibly turned into resentment due to Carmen's break up of her relationship. 

Carl JenkinsEdit

Carl Jenkins is Dizzy's friend.


  • In the movie, her full name was Isabel Flores.[citation needed]
  • In the original novel, Flores was male. The producers of the movie wanted to add another love interest for Johnny Rico, so Dizzy was changed into a female character.[citation needed]
  • Her challenge to Zim is based on Shujumi's challenge to Zim in the original novel.
  • On-screen Kill Count: Dizzy killed 15 Warrior Bugs and 1 Tanker Bug in the film Starship Troopers.



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