This page is about the character from Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, for the 2005 video game character, see General Hauser.

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Major General

Major General Dix Hauser is the quintessential action hero. A general in the United Citizen Federation, his job involves paperwork as opposed to generals who are directly involved with military actions at the front line. Dix acts as an assistant to Sky Marshal Omar Anoke.

History Edit

Dix Hauser was present at Roku San where he landed on the planet Roku San with onboard Geronimo, the Skymarshal's boat. He met up with his old friend Johnny Rico in the base's bar but ended up getting into a fight with farmers protesting over the war. During the fight, Rico stopped Hauser from shooting one of the farmers. Hauser tried to have Rico arrested, but the base defenses suddenly failed. Rico punched Hauser, knocking him out and left to help fight the Arachnids.

On Earth several days later, Hauser rescued Johnny Rico from execution for the defeat at Roku San, believing Rico to be useful for a mission to OM-1 to rescue Lola Beck. He puts Rico in command of the first operational unit of M11 Babar Marauders.

Later, General Hauser confronts Admiral Phid about why she was abandoning Sky Marshal Omar Anoke, only to be arrested. However, Phid revealed to him that Sky Marshal Anoke was responsible for the downfall of Roku San because of several local farmers protesting over the war.

A while after, the Marauder Team succeeded in rescuing Lola Beck. Hauser and Beck agreed to get married, as the York in which they are onboard fires the Q Bomb and destroys OM-1.

After the destruction of OM-1, Dix and Lola later appeared walking out of a church from a wedding during a FedNet in which the Federation was embracing Christianity for morale and propaganda purposes. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Appearaces Edit


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