Destruction of Saratoga
Place Outer space

Alien victory

Terran Federation Space Navy Extraterrestrial life form
Federation Training ship Saratoga

Attack on Martian Base Destruction of Saratoga Battle of Glendathu

The Destruction of Saratoga was an incident a half year after the Attack on Martian Base.


During a training exercise, the Terran Federation training ship Saratoga encountered a massive cluster of Extraterrestrial life form heading toward it.

The ship opened fire against the alien cluster while the crew were preparing for evacuation. The weapon almost did nothing to the alien. Saratoga was eventually engulfed by the alien and destroyed.

After the incident, the Terran Federation learned the alien cluster was heading to Glendathu, so the Federation began to plan an invasion.

It was confirmed there were escape ships leaving the Saratoga and the Federation had set out for searching the survivors. It was later confirmed there was at least one survivor from the incident.


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