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Destruction of Buenos Aires

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Destruction of Buenos Aires
Part of The Bug War
Place Buenos Aires, Earth
Terran Federation Pseudo-Arachnids
Unknown Unknown

Terran Federation Army

Pseudo-Arachnid Starships

Heavy Civilian / Citizen casualties Unknown
Destruction of Buenos Aires Operation Bughouse

The Destruct of Buenos Aires was an incident that took place at the beginning of the Bug War when Pseudo-Arachnid Starships attacked and destroyed the city Buenos Aires.


The Terran Federation and Pseudo-Arachnids were already facing off since a long time in the outer worlds. Bugs, using information provided by the Skinnies, had located the location of Earth, the capital of the Terran Federation. That was how, a fleet of bugs with their ships, personally and directly, down, attacked and destroyed the city of Buenos Aires, turning it into a heap of rubble. So, after several battles, it was decided to invade Klendathu and begin the Bug War. Starship Troopers

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