Dantana is a planet located in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. A group of Mormon extremists founded Port Joe Smith, despite warnings from the Federation government that the planet was already colonized by Arachnids. A month later, the colony was massacred. The result of the massacre was shown on FedNet to show the dangers of entering the Quarantine Zone.


See also: Port Joe Smith

After losing their homes in Utah, an extreme sect of Mormans fled into deep space, eventually setting on the planet Dantana, deep within the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The Morman colonists were attempting to run their colony without Federation's interference. the youth living on their colony were taught all the classes they required as part of their education, except for History and Moral Philosophy. Despite being outside of United Citizen Federation territory, the Federation placed pressure on the colony to have a History and Moral Philosphy class taught, and eventually managed to convince the Morman colonists to allow a teacher to come and teach the subject at Port Joe Smith on Dantana.