Inicial quote "Care to Dance?" Final quote

—Chow, Starship Troopers: Invasion






Killed during The John A. Warden Incident










MI flag small Mobile Infantry

Roughnecks A-01 Team



Private First Class Chow was a technical expert for A-01 Team. He was a solitary but competitive individual.


Chow joined the rescue mission to Fort Casey along with the A-01 team. After the troopers were evacuated from the fort to the FAS Alesia, he practiced martial arts in his spare time in the hanger and fellow A-01 members Chase and Mech watched him. When Ratzass saw Chow, he began mocking Chow by performing a short version Fouette en tournant. Chow was then told the "dance class" was down the hall by Ratzass. He challenged Ratzass to a fight. He was largely successful at first by dodging most of Ratzass's attacks, including sending him into a crate of boxes.  When Chow decided to finish Ratzass with a kick to the head, but Ratzass, who was some sort encouraged by Ice Blonde, blocked Chow's kick and grabbed his leg, giving him a solid punch in the face. The fight ended up with a draw and everyone present laugh.

A while after, Chow joined the mission to search the missing John A. Warden.

He was assigned to the Team-02 along with the K-12 troopers and some from the A-01. A while after the John A. Wardern was found, Chow was ordered to reactivate the John A. Warden's engines but inadvertently releasing the Bugs. He is able to kill many Warrior Bugs, even knocked down one with bare hand. However, he was soon stabbed by another Warrior from behind and killed before the Bug pursuit the rest of the Roughnecks troopers. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • Chow is possibly a nod to Shujumi, also an Asian martial artist from the novel Starship Troopers.
  • His personal mark on the helmet is "拳" (Chüen2 or Quán), a Chinese character meaning "fist".
  • "Chow" is usually the Romanization of the Chinese surname "周" from Cantonese pronunciation.
  • He is the first trooper on screen who fights a Warrior Bug and defeat it using only hand-to-hand combat.



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