The Cheyenne Company (aka "Andrew's Aces") is a Mobile Infantry unit featured in Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles during the Klendathu Campaign. It is commanded by Lieutenant Andrews.


Cheyenne Company was part of a planet-wide battle against the Arachnids. The Company was stationed behind a trench perimeter defense line as were many other M.I. squads. Their leader met with troopers Johhny Rico and Carmen Ibanez who were on a mercy mission. After helping Cheyenne Company repel oncoming Arachnids attempting to storm their trench, Cheyenne troopers immediately break into their battle chant "Andrew's Aces!! Andrew's Aces!! Andrews Aces!!" while their Lieutenant rewarded Rico and Ibanez with a spare air filter to help their injured Roughneck medic.



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