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The specs of the Chaser Bug

The Chaser Bug is an exploding grenade bug.

Much like the Bombardier Bug, it appears the Chaser Bug is a suicide-bomber and seems to replace the Bombardier. The Bug differs slightly from the Bombardier Bug as it is more agile and intelligent.

The Chaser Bugs were present at Fort Casey and participated in the Battle of Fort Casey against the members of the Roughnecks K-12 Team.

Game playEdit

Starship Troopers: Invasion - "Mobile Infantry"Edit

As it name suggests, the Bug "chases" the player until the Bug is on top of the trooper and detonates on impact. The explosion takes out a large amount of the player's life meter. This Bug usually works in pairs of two or three. An explosion can be avoided by moving the trooper to a different shade of cover while the Bug detonates.


  • The Chaser Bugs differ in color, being red with white spots, and has legs to propel itself on the battlefield.
  • The Bug is the same size as the Bombardier Bug.
  • The explosion does not harm fellow Arachnids, giving advantages for Warrior Bugs and Federal Intelligence Bugs used by the player on the mission.
  • The Chaser Bug roars the same screeches of that of a Warrior Bug when fired upon.


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