Inicial quote If one more Jack in the Diamond, I wouldn't be here with you dumb asses. Final quote

—Chase, Starship Troopers: Invasion






Killed during The John A. Warden Incident








FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry
Roughnecks A-01 Team



"Chase" was a Mobile Infantry Elite Trooper scout from the Roughnecks A-01 Team.


Chase joined the Battle of Fort Casey to rescue the survivor of the K-12 team, including Bugspray, Ratzass, and Holy Man. He later retreated from the base to the FAS Alesia along with other troopers.

On the way back to Earth on Alesia, Chase and Mech saw Ratzass was going to have a hand-to-hand combat with Chow. Chase and Mech decided to make a bet that who would win. Chase considered Chow was faster, while Mech thought a punch of Ratzass was strong enough to knock Chow down with one single blow. In the end, the game was a draw as Ratzass fell down as well and everyone laughed.

Before a briefing started, Chase told Mech that he somehow felt they couldn't go back to Earth. Chase further said he had the ability of psychic. Ice Blonde overheard and learned that was how he always knew when she was going to take a shower. She was angry about this and questioned him "Do you know what am I thinking now?" Chase could say nothing while Mech replied "Even I know what are you thinking now", making fun of Chase.

Mech later joined the mission to search the missing John A. Warden. He was assigned to Team-02 along with the K-12 troopers and some from the A-01 under Major Varro's commmand. His team was assigned to investigated the engine room. A while after the John A. Wardern was found, the troopers found out it had been taken over by the Bugs. During retreating to the air lock, Chase followed Major Varro's step but fell into Warrior Bugs because he jumped not high enough. He told Varro to go and detonated a grenade to kill Bugs along with himself. Starship Troopers: Invasion


  • Chase complains that he could have been a psychic officer like Carl Jenkins if he had scored five more points in the ESP test.
  • He seemed to be a good friend with Mech.


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