Inicial quote Ya know? It's all the waiting that gets me. Final quote

—Soda, flirting with Captain DaxStarship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Charlie Soda



Deceased (K.I.A.)


Zulu Alpha
















FederationFlag United Citizen Federation (formerly)

Arachnid Symbol Arachnids (infected by Control Bug)

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry








Battle of Zulu Alpha

Real life


Kelly Karlson


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Private Charlie Soda was a trooper in the Mobile Infantry and member of an undetermined unit that "rescued" General Jack Gordon Sheperd from being slaughtered by the attacking Arachnids. Unknown at the time was the fact that she was infected by Control Bugs.


Involvement with the Arachnid ConflictEdit

Five years after the Arachnid System Campaign, a unit known as the 701st Mobile Infantry was deployed on an planet called Zulu Angel deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone.

During the battle, the surviving troopers were forced to fight atop a dirt mound. General Shepherd realized that he needed all his troopers to get to safety, so he orders them to retreat to Hotel Delta 1-8-5, which was abandoned eight days ago. Sergeant Dede Rake, Lieutenant Pavlov Dill, Private Lei Sahara, and the other troopers begin the retreat through open terrain, with no cover. Eventually they reach the outpost, but they were not alone. Upon exploring the outpost they find a captain, named Captain Dax, who killed his colonel: Colonel Holback. Back outside, they had to fight Arachnid scouts and endure brutal sand storms. During the skirmish, they lose several soldiers. However, they claim victory. During the skirmish Lei Sahara releases Dax from the furnace they found his in, and he helps the soldiers in the battle. At the end, there are mixed feelings about him.

General Shepherd returns, along with three other soldiers (who are infected by Control Bugs). All the surviving soldiers are happy and joyed that General Shepherd survived. Other strange things occur with the soldiers. One of them including Soda, who strips naked and uses her body to seduce Duff Horton in order to orally pass the Control Bug along. Soda succeeds, and the Controls Bugs have another slave. Lieutenant Dill and Lei Sahara, both of whom possessed psychic abilities, sensed something unnatural about these soldiers.

At one point, Soda tries to flirt with Captain Dax, but Dax is immune to her charm and instead orders her to do push-ups. Captain Dax therefore prevented himself from becoming infected, although he at this time did not know it. Soda then makes her way to General Shepherd, again trying to have sex with the General to try to infect him. This time she succeeds. Later, Lei Sahara and Captain Dax confront Lieutenant Dill about the strange feelings she had been having. Lieutenant Dill says that he has been having the same feelings, so he takes it upon himself to confront Gen. Sheperd about the matter. As he enters the room, he is shocked to see that General Shepherd had been "murdered" by Soda. He attempted to back out of the room, pointing his pistol at Soda and two other soldiers (jill sandee, duff horton) all of whom were infected by Control Bugs. Dill says they are all under arrest for crimes against the United Citizen Federation. Dill is then ambushed from behind by the infected Pvt. Billy Otter, who pulls a knife on Dill slitting his throat. Later, Captain Dax is framed for the murder.

Over the next few hours all the other soldiers get infected or killed. Lei Sahara finally realizes what has happened to the others. Her and Dax were then the only remaining soldiers who weren't infected. Dax also realizes that General Shepherd is infected, and tells Lei Sahara that they must kill the general. Both of them make their way to General Shepherd, but while walking down the steps that led to him, they were both ambushed by Soda. Dax shoots Soda, and she stumbles into a supply room. Dax throws an Incendiary Grenade into the room. The grenade ignites, igniting Soda. She pounds her head on the door. Captain Dax and Lei Sahara continue on. Charlie Soda is last heard screaming "You're gonna die Sahara! You're gonna diiiiiiee!". The Control Bug within her is burnt, and she dies. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


  • The character is most likely named after the female character in S.E. Hinton's hit novel The Outsiders, which was later adapted into a hit 1983 movie by Francis Ford Coppola. Award-winning actress Diane Lane portrayed the role in the movie version.