Bravo Six was an active unit of the Mobile Infantry that fought during the First Bug War under the command of Dede Rake.


During the Battle of Zulu Alpha, deep in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, the brigade was cutoff from other units during this battle along with General Jack Shepherd and psychic lieutenant Pavlov Dill. Being cut off during the disasterous battle, Bravo Six retreated to the abandoned Fortified Tower Outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5. Arriving at the outpost Bravo Six found the sole survivor Captain V.J. Dax whom initated the Outpost's defences replusing an Arachnid attack. Shortly afterwards Bravo Six was reunited with General Jack Shepherd along with three survivors of other units. Unknown to Bravo Six these three survivors had already been infected by Arachnid Control Bugs. The Infected troopers them went onto infect the surviving Bravo Six troopers with the exception of Lei Sahara who escaped onboard a DR-8 Skyhook sent by Fleet Rescue.

Known MembersEdit


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