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FederationFlag United Citizen Federation (formerly)

Arachnid Symbol Arachnids (infected by Control Bug)



Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Bravo Six





Real life


Cy Carter


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Private William "Billy" Otter was a young trooper in Mobile Infantry and newest member of Bravo Six.


Billy was a novice short on combat experience, but for some reason he was made a member of veteran squad Bravo Six and sent on a mission on Zulu Alpha where Bravo Six along with general Jack Gordon Shepherd, and his division battled against the bugs. On the planet he met and befriended many of his fellow troopers, and squad mates, including private Lei Sahara, private Duff Horton, private Ottis Brick, and private Jill Sandee, who was squad's radar operator and Horton's lover. Aside from his squad mates, Billy befriended a fellow trooper of 701st division, private Goldy. However, Billy was frequently suffering with shock at the sight of his fellow troopers being killed around him and cracked under stress of combat what made him highly ineffective. Sahara often looked after him as their squad leader, sergeant Dede Rake, may rather have killed him instead. Eventually, they were attacked and surrounded by bugs. The bugs were quickly overwhelming them. In the midst of a failing battle Billy was knocked off his legs when a bug gunned down by Brick and Tor fell on him. Rake grabbed and raised him on his feet and ordered him to fight or die and Sahara to shoot him if he won't fight. Eventually, Shepherd ordered the surviving troopers to retreat to abandoned outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5. They managed to make it to the outpost just as the storm was about to engulf it. Billy noticed the electric pillars around it and was hurried by Brick. Billy was one of the troopers who were blown away from the outpost by the wind, however he was the only one of them to survive as he fell on the ground not far from the outpost, and was caught, and saved by Kobe. Kobe helped Billy get through the storm, but didn't notice a Warrior Bug that approached him from behind and stabbed him through the back, breaking his radio in process, and rendering them unable to contact anyone and call for help. Because of this, they were essentially stuck, and marooned in the outpost. Billy was shocked and horrified by this. Rake, Horton, Tor and Brick came to their aid, and drove the warrior off with rifle fire. Horton, and Tor picked up and carried Kobe in the outpost, and Billy followed them inside. In the outpost he sat in the far corner and took off his helmet while witnessing Kobe suffering from his wound and feeling regret. Kobe eventually died from massive blood loss with Tor serenading and mourning him and Billy was saddened by this. Billy along with Horton accompanied Rake, Sahara, and Dill as they explored the outpost. When they heard banging from somewhere above and went up to investigate, Billy along with Horton was ordered by Rake to find and run up the generator and restore the power to the outpost. They completed this objective and outpost was lighted up again. Soon after that Brick stormed in the outpost with a message from Sandee about the bugs incoming. He met and warned Billy and Horton and together they met and warned Rake, Sahara, and Dill. They all went outside, where they met Sandee, and saw bugs on a radar. Billy took position with Horton and participated in the following battle. He was traumatized yet again when a trooper was brutally killed in front of him. Sahara tried to calm him down, and told him that everything's okay, but he just asked her if they're going to die. In response to this, she went into outpost to get Dax and returned in the battle with him. Billy witnessed how Dax gunned down a bug that was chasing Dill and threatening Sandee's post and then threatened Dill himself when he tried to interfere with him giving orders. For the last few second of the battle, Billy took position with Rake and Brick. With Dax's help, they barely managed to survive and win the battle, having suffered heavy casualties, and the bugs were incinerated by outpost's defenses. Billy survived the battle and along with Sahara volunteered to go with Dax on a recon. When they came to the pillars, Dax assigned Billy to fix them, and gave him his knife. When Shepherd and three other survivors approached the outpost, followed by bugs, Sandee saw them on a radar, and warned everyone. Sahara, Dax, and Billy then saw them through the fog. Billy wondered who didn't survive and hoped that it wasn't Goldy who he fondly described as being really nice to him, particularly during his first day in the service. Billy then fixed the pillars, saving them from bugs. Shepherd successfully rejoined his surviving troopers and thanked Billy for saving him. When Shepherd went in the outpost with others, Billy remained outside for a while and tried to return Dax his knife, but he told him to keep it, telling that a trooper should have a knife. Billy then followed others inside and sat with them, listening to Shepherd's story. Shepherd informed them of Goldy's death, referring to him as a "kid", and Billy was saddened by it along with Sandee, Sahara, and the others. Sandee looked at him understandingly and with sympathy as he lowered his head in grief and Sahara placed her hand on his shoulder, comforting him. Then Shepherd introduced Joe and Peck and they introduced Soda. Later, after Peck fixed the radio, Billy along with Shepherd tried to contact Fleet and request evac. Billy, and Brick were trapped in the barracks by Joe, and infected with Control Bugs carried by Peck. After waking up under the Bug's influence, Billy went to Shepherd's office, where he approached Dill from behind, and killed him with Dax's knife. Billy was ordered by Shepherd to kill or infect Sahara. Billy assisted Horton and Joe in infecting Rake. Then he went after Sahara again, but she shot him to death.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


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