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Battle of Zulu Alpha
Part of First Bug War

Place Zulu Alpha - Hotel Delta 1-8-5

Arachnid Technical Victory, Federal Strategy Victory (Most of the human troopers were killed, yet bug failed to control the Central Command of Federation)

FederationFlag UCF Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Jack Shepherd

FederationFlag Offer Hohlback

FederationFlag V. J. Dax

Arachnid Symbol Behemecoatyl

Arachnid Symbol Queen

Arachnid Symbol Brain Bugs


Mobile Infantry:

Very Heavy - Federation force decimated. Shepherd, Hohlback, and Dax killed. Sole survivor forced to retreat offworld Moderate. All Control Bugs lost with unknown quantity of Warriors.
Second Battle of Klendathu Battle of Zulu Alpha Battle of Hesperus

The Battle of Zulu Alpha was an infamous battle during the First Bug War on the planet Zulu Alpha deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone.


The United Citizen Federation launched a full scale invasion of the planet. What resulted was a battle that lasted for enough time for the Federal military to establish permanant structures such as Strongholds on the surface. After many days the operation ended as a failure causing units of Mobile Infantry to become separated and forced to retreat from Arachnid forces.

Attack on Hotel Delta 1-8-5 Edit

Bravo Six of Mobile Infantry was surrounded by several hundred Warrior Bugs along with Jack Shepherd whom had been leading the groundforces personally. They knew that they could not stay there and that there was an abandoned Stronghold in the vicinity so they attacked the Arachnid forces and broke out of the encirclement and retreated to the Outpost whilst being chased the whole way.

They were able to find the Outpost; however, they find it without any power and with its personnel all dead bar one man, Captain V. J. Dax, who had been arrested for murder. The outpost's power was turned on providing a moment of hope for the troopers outside the outpost defending it when suddenly, large forces of Arachnids swarmed towards the base forcing them to hold off until Captain Dax was able to deploy the base's Vapor Explosives to detonate all around the outpost, killing all the Warrior Bugs in the immediate vacinity.

Captain Dax with two troopers repaired and turned on the Electric Pillars, protecting the base just in time to save the general. They were able to hold out in the Outpost while waiting for recovery. However, several Control Bugs (Joe Griff, Ari Peck, and Charlie Soda, who had all been infected prior to appearing) had infiltrated the base and began infecting all of the troopers apart from Lieutenant Pavlov Dill (who was killed by the Arachnid-control Billy Otter), Private Sahara, and Captain Dax. Captain Dax survived until the Bases defensive barriers were shut down and Warrior Bugs swarmed over. Dax and Sahara managed to reach the roof of the base, where Dax was killed fighting them to the death. Only Lei Sahara was able escape on a Landing Boat which had been deployed to rescue any survivors. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

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