Battle of New Kansas
Part of First Bug War

Causes Arachnid invasion
Place New Kansas

Phyrric Federation victory

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Unknown
Arachnid Symbol Brain Bug (outside planet)
905 civilians (Wichipeka)

Second Battle of Klendathu (concurrent) Battle of New Kansas Battle of Zulu Alpha

The Battle of New Kansas was a engagement during the First Bug War on the Federation colony New Kansas when the Arachnids invaded.


During the time that the United Citizen Federation was involved in conquering the Arachnid homeworld Klendathu in the Second Battle of Klendathu, the Arachnids launched a Bug pod towards New Kansas. The Bug pod hit the surface of the planet on a rural area and was discovered by locals, whom were investigating the loud noise of it's impact. Realising what it was, these locals warned local authorities and attempted to flee the area. However, these civilians soon came under attack from Warrior Bugs and the nearby town of Wichipeka was quickly overrun and destroyed before Mobile Infantry forces could arrive. The Arachnids were eventually repulsed, however the damage was already done casualties to the population were high.


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