Battle of New Buenos Aires
Soldiers in New Buenos Aires
Mobile Infantry troopers in Powered Suits.

Place New Buenos Aires

Federal Pyrrhic victory

  • Begins the Space War[1]
Terran Federation Force Extraterrestrial life form
More than one million[1] Invasion force completely destroyed
Battle of Alpha III Battle of New Buenos Aires Attack on Martian Base

The Battle of New Buenos Aires was the first battle on Earth between the Federal Forces and the Alien Forces.


An alien force infiltrated the passenger ship Queen Alexandra before its arrival on Earth. After the Queen Alexandra arrived at New Buenos Aires Spaceport, the alien Warriors launched an anti-human offensive, starting with the space port. The Terran Federation dispatched the Mobile Infantry to engage the enemies. "Hendrick"

The alien force was eventually completely annihilated by the Mobile Infantry. However, human casualties were estimated to be more than one million, including Maria Rico, Juan Rico's mother.

After the battle, the Terran Federation declared the War on the aliens, starting the Space War. The training schedule of Mobile Infantry trainees was also affected by the incident. "Maria"


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