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Battle of Fort Casey
Bugs engaging the outpost

Place Fort Casey

Indecisive: Base lost and destroyed by Federation, Queen Bug captured and taken onboard John A. Warden.

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Carl Jenkins Arachnid Symbol Queen Bug

Brain Bugs (possible)

* K-12 suffered heavy loss (at least five survived)
* A-01 had six death.
* Many Federal Intelligence Bugs killed
All Arachnid forces remaining inside Fort Casey upon destruction
Battle of OM-1 Battle of Fort Casey The John A. Warden Incident

During the Second Bug War, an Arachnid Colony was discovered in the Asteroid that the Federation Outpost Fort Casey stood upon. This led to a large engagement when the Minister of Paranormal Warfare Carl Jenkins ordered the capture of the Colony's Queen Bug.



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Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"

Having discovered the presence of an Arachnid colony inside an asteroid that Federation base Fort Casey was built upon, the Minister of Paranormal Warfare Carl Jenkins ordered the Mobile Infantry unit K-12 under Major Varro to attack the colony and capture a Queen Bug. Realising that this would cause a huge loss of life for his troopers, Major Varro refused to obey the order, and as such was placed under arrest and sent on-board the docked Starship Alesia. Without their commanding officer, K-12 attacked the colony and was successful in capturing the Queen Bug, which was taken on-board the newly arrived John A. Warden.

The A-01 team of the Roughnecks on the Fast Attack Ship Alesia received the order to reinforce the K-12 team, including Otis Hacks, "Ratzass", Holy Man and Kharon. It quickly became apparent that Fort Casey could not be held, so C-4 was deployed in the station.

Meanwhile, Carl Jenkins used his position to assume command of the John A. Warden from its commanding officer, Captain Ibanez, and left with his prize and starship. Despite their Starship, the John A. Warden left the station, while the troopers were left onboard Fort Casey.

A-01 and K-12 teams both extracted to the Alesia. The extraction to the Alesia was successful and once the troopers were onboard, the ship left the station at speed. Shortly afterwards the C-4 on Fort Casey detonated destroying the base. Starship Troopers: Invasion