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The Arachnid Quarantine Zone is a region of space in which the Arachnids race originates from, and is most highly concentrated.

The Arachnid Quarantine Zone is located on the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy from Earth. The region was cordoned off by the Federation, however, on at least one occasion humans established settlements in this region.

One recorded incident was Port Joe Smith, a mining base in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone built by Mormon extremists, which was then attacked by Arachnid forces, leading to a complete slaughter of the inhabitants.

The continuing Federation expansion into Arachnid space led to a pre-emptive strike from Arachnid forces which decimated the entire city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, thus signalling the start of the First Bug War.

During the Battle of Hesperus, Psi Ops personnel under General Hauser confirmed that the Arachnids have an IQ of 35 colonized planets.


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