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Sky Marshal

Amy Snapp is the youngest Sky Marshal of the United Citizen Federation.

History Edit

At only 26 years of age, Amy Snapp was able to rise to the position of Sky Marshal due to her genius-level intelligence and political savvy.

In an effort to put down rising separatist sentiments on Mars, Snapp secretly orchestrated an Arachnid ambush on Mars, and had planned to ultimately destroy the planet with a Q Bomb.

After her scheme was foiled by Jenkens, Ibanez, and Rico, she was temporarily relieved of her command. After the incident, Rico exposed the truth to one of his soldiers, and the information eventually leaked out, and Snapp's future was cast into doubt. Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Personality Edit

Amy Snapp is cunning, intelligent, sly, confident, and hates losing. She believes that being a Sky Marshall is nothing more than just being the most popular person in the universe. As a result she more than likely has little next to no actual leadership skill. She delights in being the center of attention and is extremely ruthless in getting said attention.

She is more than willing to sacrifice an entire planet just to keep her ratings alluding to an extremely vain and, ultimately, childish attitude. She doesn't like to be ordered around nor does she like taking responsibility for her actions or having people resist her. She believes herself to be untouchable and incapable of making a mistake and reacts like a spoiled brat when injured or proven wrong. Also if her plans go wrong she is incapable of coming up with a backup plan and panics quite dramatically.

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