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Sky Marshall

Amy Snapp is the youngest Sky Marshal of the United Citizen Federation.

History Edit

Sky Marshall Snapp plotted to gain more political power in the United Citizen Federation by letting the Arachnid to let loose on the undefended Mars and forcing the Federation to destroy the planet with the Q Bomb. If her plan succeed, the Federation would lose their popularity and she would take her chance to gain more power and popularity in the Federation by promising to improve the Federation from the downgrade of her scheme. To ensure her plan work out, she had General Jenkins arrested and fabricated the massive fleet attack on Arachnid Quarantine Zone as a large distraction, so she could create a fake story that the Federation was too busy fighting in the AQZ to save Mars, forcing the Federation to destroy planet along with Martian Independence Movement by Q Bomb.

However, Colonel Rico and Lost Patrol managed to defuse the Q Bomb and saved Mars. After her scheme was foiled, her place was now taken by General Jenkins temporarily. After Johnny told Lieutenant Baba about her scheme, he helped MarzCo expose her corruption, it is possible that she will never be Sky Marshall again after this. Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Personality Edit

Cunning, smart, intelligent, sly, confident, hates losing

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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